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Borowego Street, Cracow


Sunny apartments near the Rudawa River, greenery and silence - all this just 3 km from the Old Town of Krakow.

Emaus Garden is an estate created for residents who value an active lifestyle and closeness to nature, and who look for peace and rest after an intense day of work. Our apartments are located between Emaus and Borowego streets, among the residential buildings of the Wola Justowska district. The view of the river, the greenery surrounding the buildings and the surrounding area conducive to relaxation in the fresh air make Emaus Garden an ideal space to live.
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We reach the Emaus Garden along a quiet street. The buildings are arranged on the estate plan so that you have as much freedom and space around you as possible. Each of the seven buildings is surrounded by greenery: home gardens, lawns, beds of shrubs and trees. In the eastern part of the estate, on the largest green space, we have designed a garden only for residents, a safe playground for children and a place where you can relax in the shade in the summer.
The last three buildings are closest to the Rudawa River. There are bicycle stands and electric vehicle charging stations on the estate.

High standard of finish

All buildings are in classic subdued colors. In addition to smooth fiber cement facade panels, we also used decorative HPL panels.
We also took care of the interior arrangement of the common space - weight windows provide a lot of light, wide staircases freely passing other residents. The entrance area to the buildings, staircases and the hall have been finished with tiles in a natural shade of stone. The walls at the entrance are decorated with a wallpaper with original graphics inspired by the pouring technique and a mirror - this combination creates a peaceful, harmonious space.
In the communication part there are elevators and stairs with a stylish railing according to the original design. In addition to the upper light, we also took care of decorative brass-colored wall lamps, giving a pleasant, soft light. In the corridors leading to the apartments, we put Halbmond Vintage carpet, and on the walls vinyl wallpaper, which is not only responsible for the aesthetic visual effect.
Suspended ceilings finished with brass-colored elements have linear lighting. Dierre anti-burglary doors lead to each of the apartments, which ensure both security and peace and quiet, undisturbed by noises from the corridors

Advantages of the investment

  • Premium standard
  • Smart home
  • Electric vehicle charging stations
  • Cooling system
  • Heat pumps
  • Rainwater recycling
  • Intimate buildings
  • Area from 35.41m 2 to 121.72m 2
  • Green space
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