Discover the most unusual offer of exclusive apartments in Krakow.
The unique investment between Piotra Borowego and Emaus streets was created with your comfort in mind, with attention to every detail.
At Emaus Garden, we care about ecology, which is why we have used energy-saving LED lighting, a retention tank enabling rainwater recycling and gas heat pumps.
Thanks to underground parking lots, we have minimized the traffic in the estate, thanks to which we have gained more space for green areas.
We also took care of the arrangement of greenery. Each of the seven buildings is surrounded by greenery: home gardens, lawns, bushes and trees. We used flower beds for honey-bearing insects, as well as nesting boxes for birds.
In the eastern part of the estate, we have arranged a garden, we have also built a playground for children and a recreational places exclusively for residents.
04 parkingB.jpg
Subtle tiles on the hall and staircase floors in two natural shades of stone complement the interior, creating a calm and harmonious space. The modern OTIS Gen 2 Life Trivium lift is inspired by the New Baroque style.
The stylish balustrade emphasizes the original character of the staircases.
02 kl. schodowaB.jpg
The combination of vintage and modern style is visible at every step. The stylish Halbmond Vintage carpet in muted colors creates a delicate background, emphasizing all elements of the interior design.
High-class anti-burglary entrance doors to the Dierre Asso apartments, on which a contracton has been installed, ensure intimacy and security.
Smart home modules have been installed in each apartment, enabling the use of many time-saving functions. This installation will allow you to control lighting, heating and roller blinds in apartments on the ground floor.
Intelligent solutions used in the apartments learn your lifestyle, ensuring safety and everyday comfort. Motion sensor and the reed switch of the front door in combination with an application on portable devices will ensure safety
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Emaus Garden consists of 7 intimate buildings designed to ensure freedom and space.

For the finishing of the buildings, we used selected materials of the highest quality, emphasizing the unique nature of the investment. EQUITONE fiber cement panels in two colors perfectly match the HPL FUNDERMAX boards, creating an original and modern design.
In the estate, we have installed bicycle stands and two two-point electric car fast charging stations dedicated only to residents.
Paving stones, modeled on the Italian style, perfectly complement the modern and intimate nature of the investment.
Emaus Garden is classic elegance combined with modern comfort. The stylish interior arrangement of the common space was designed with the comfort use.
Upon entering, you will be greeted by the Len-Tex Aislinn wallpaper, whose mesmerizing pattern is based on original graphics inspired by the pouring technique. Thanks to the shiny mylar threads contained in the Aislinn wallpaper, the hall gained a unique character.
01 wiatrołapB.jpg
On the halls we use vinyl wallpaper, which is responsible for the aesthetic visual effect.
Hall is complemented by a multi-faceted, suspended ceiling finished with brass-colored elements and linear lighting. In addition to the upper light, we also took care of brass-colored decorative wall lamps, giving a pleasant, soft light.
03 korytarz 02B.jpg
Each apartment is complemented by a terrace or balcony finished with a self-supporting glass balustrade, which will allow you to enjoy the panoramic view.
Thanks to large windows the apartments are full of natural light.
urzadzenia1-HC3_HC3L_RGB 19.27.36.jpg
The air cooling system in the apartments is based on a system of chilled water from PANASONIC gas heat pumps. On cooler days, these eco-friendly devices provide you with heated water. The bathrooms have underfloor heating.
Every detail of the Emaus Garden investment is the result of a well-thought-out vision based on aesthetics and elegance.
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